Paralegal Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in Boone:
"Research the attorneys you will be working for ahead if time."
Stay calm. You will not know everything and every attorney has good and bad work habits.

Paralegal in Texarkana:
"You can't over achieve the details."
You cannot over achieve on the details. Find out as much about your case as you can. Be the best investigator you can be. It will make you a better paralegal and your lawyer a better lawyer.

Paralegal in St. Louis:
"In the Legal Field to see if I wanted to attend Law School."
I think the job requires thick skin. Attorneys are typically not happy people. HIGH PRESSURE. Yelling and cussing is common place in all the 5 law firms I have worked for. I think the job is good, but at some firms they do not give you any raises even after a year or 3 years so it depends on how cheap your boss is.

Paralegal in New York:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: The hours are flexible and I can change my schedule fairly easily.
Cons: I cannot get enough hours to make ends meet.

Paralegal in Albany:
"Get things in writing."
You must be very organized and a self motivator. Everything that is offered to you with regard to promotions and or raises, GET IT IN WRITING! !!

Paralegal in Atlanta:
"They do not give pay increase and pay very little."
Do not bother going to Paralegal School.

Paralegal in Chicago:
"Keep good track of your hours."
In an insurance defense firm you need to track your time, you must keep a good log at all times.