Paralegal Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in New York:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: The hours are flexible and I can change my schedule fairly easily.
Cons: I cannot get enough hours to make ends meet.

Paralegal in Wilkes-Barre:
"The stress of helping others."
Pros: My coworkers and getting to help our clients through difficult points in their lives.
Cons: The entitlement of many clients and the work ethic and business practices of my coworkers. .

Paralegal in Chesterfield:
Pros: Great boss, good coworkers, exciting cases, flexible schedule, short commute.
Cons: No benefits, low pay.

Paralegal in Charlotte:
"It's exciting and challenging."
Pros: Be envolved in the legal field.
Cons: The pay rate I have.

Paralegal in Newark:
Pros: I love to learn new things. Contracts and Indemnifications are very interesting to me. Litigation and motions are starting to come with ease of the job. I learn new things everyday in the field that I am in.
Cons: I am in a job that does not know the true value and need of a paralegal. I would like to expand my horizons and find a company that will let me learn how to advance my career as a paralegal while preparing for my tranisition into being an attorney once law school is complete.

Paralegal in Lakewood:
"It is not what I expected."
Pros: My boss.
Cons: The hours, the pay, the benefits. We do not have any paid time off or sick time.

Paralegal in Des Moines:
"Check in."
Pros: Staff and environment.
Cons: Pay.