Paralegal Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in Fort Lauderdale:
"It is not fulfilling."
Be sure this is what I want to do. It is difficult to work for some attorneys.

Paralegal in Warwick:
Pros: I like that we get to defend people against frivolous lawsuits.
Cons: My boss lacks comprehension of modern technology. Dealing with other law firms that cancel everything all the time.

Paralegal in Monterey:
"Stress Level."
Pros: Small office, client interaction.
Cons: Inconsistency in procedure.

Paralegal in Jacksonville:
"Real World Experience."
Pros: I enjoyed applying the principles learned to real life applications. The work helped me to apply experience to the topics discussed in class to real applications for the result of a working knowledge on the issue.
Cons: The least positive aspect is the high stress and high volume of tasks to complete. The firm consistently is understaffed to maximize profits.

Paralegal in Tucson:
"Corporate, high stress level, heavy work load."
Pros: Flexible hours, boss is good.
Cons: High stress.

Paralegal in White Plains:
"I wish I knew that there would be no chance for advancement."
Access the office dynamics and continue to educate yourself about other job opportunities that may work for you.

Paralegal in Brooklyn:
"Prepare & type Summons & Complaint, legal documents."
To learn everything about the legal field that you are interested in. Continue your education and speak up for your salary and your job duties.