Paralegal Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Paralegal?

Paralegal in White Plains:
Pros: The law.
Cons: It's a difficult job. Takes lots of organization.

Paralegal in Harleysville:
"Office conditions, stress level."
Pros: Office conditions and management.
Cons: Small company.

Paralegal in Seattle:
"Litigation Paralegal."
Pros: Research, document review and organization, client interaction, collaboration.
Cons: Stress level, long hours, lack of professional development opportunities, management.

Paralegal in Denver:
"Ups And Downs."
Pros: Learning something new about HOA Law as well as bankruptcy and foreclosure. I enjoy the people I work with because we work as a team to make sure we succeed.
Cons: Because we deal in collections, there are time when the stress of explaining to people, whether they are the homeowners or the management companies, can be stressful.

Paralegal in Indianapolis:
"50% Tedious, 50% Interesting."
Pros: I like the fact that I am able to learn new things about the law everyday. It is important to me that justice is served.
Cons: Some of the work can be very tedious and mind-numbing.

Paralegal in Seattle:
"Good For The Short-term."
Pros: Good pay, perks, lots of vacation, health benefits, car home in the evenings.
Cons: Inflexible hours, LOTS of hours, corporate culture, no career advancement, dry work.