Paramedic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Paramedic?

Paramedic in Missoula:
"Lots of homeless people."
Pros: I love the different people in Missoula. Rapidly growing city/county with good people. I love all the activities close by.
Cons: Very large homeless population. Missoula built a large shelter that brings in more and more transients that are very rude. City government is trying to take over private buessnesses when they can't even take care of local problems such as snow removal or maintaining roads in a timely manner. City taxes increase every year and money is poorly spent and flaunted in tax payers faces. Mayor admits to being an alcoholic and is the longest in office to date. Traffic is becoming fence for being a sleepy river town. Lots of things that can change.

Paramedic in Oxford:
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Everything. The pay. The living conditions. The work itself. The hours(48 hr shifts sometimes more.) everything.

Paramedic in 36867:
Pick a new career, ems is a dead end job at this time.

Paramedic in Cleveland:
"Private Ems is a necessary evil."
Pros: Being able to talk and connect with patients in need.
Cons: Money makes the world go around, not the best care, pay or equipment.

Paramedic in Rochester:
"We do it because we love it, not for the money."
Pros: Helping others in their most desperate time of need.
Cons: The politics of a big hospital.

Paramedic in Wilmington:
Pros: Every day is different, critical thinking required!
Cons: Working in inclement weather.

Paramedic in Orlando:
"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."
Pros: Critical thinking, being able to assist in the care of patients.
Cons: The hours and days, not many hoildays off, long hours, being pulled in multiple directions. I wish I could clone myself most days.