Paramedic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Paramedic?

Lower on the pay-scale than other hospitals. New administration making positive changes. Love working in a smaller community hospital with the back-up of a level one trauma center for your patient care needs.

Paramedic in Gainesville:
"Fast paced."
Pros: Co workers, fast paced, time goes fast
Cons: Pay

Paramedic in Clearwater:
Pros: Helping people
Cons: Seeing people die

Paramedic in Clearwater:
Pros: Helping people in need and saving lives
Cons: The sad things I see and people dying on scene

Paramedic in Shenandoah:
"Town is slowly dying out."
Pros: Community is friendly
Cons: Many businesses are dying out in shenandoah which is causing many people to leave and flooding the housing market with unsold homes. Crime is on the rise and drugs are becoming worse.

Paramedic in Birmingham:
"It is a mixture of pain and passion."
Pros: Most of the employees good people
Cons: Disorganization

Paramedic in Shreveport:
"It's hell."
Pros: I enjoy being able to help people.
Cons: My company makes it difficult to want to come to work. Employees are treated as disposable. This place is a stepping stone to get to other places.