Parts Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Parts Manager?

Parts Manager in Savannah:
"Great stepping stone into auto collision indusrty."
Pros: You get to work on cars, if you are a car person this will definitely test your knowledge. If you apply yourself to the job there is room for improvement and also to move up in position. This job opens the door for opportunities. Everyday is different.
Cons: You will be working over time, you work inside and outside so weather can become an issue. Stress levels are high often, if you are not well organized, it can be a nightmare.

Parts Manager in New Brighton:
Pros: Dealing with vendors and technicians. I love dealing with customers and making people happy. I enjoy keeping inventory up to date and accurate.
Cons: Can be overwhelming. Expected to perform parts and service work day to day. Too much responsibility and not enough pay.

Parts Manager in McMinnville:
Pros: Pretty good place to work. Mostly depends on the store manager.
Cons: My store manager isn't qualified for the job.

Parts Manager in Beaumont:
"I love my job but not the pay."
Pros: I love helping the customer and making sure they get everything to fix there car and making my sales.
Cons: The pay and the bad attitude from co works.

Parts Manager in Columbus:
"Pay for what you do."
You should be paid for what you do as well as getting more money when you get more responsibility.

Parts Manager in Pomona:
Pros: Everyday is a challenge. There is nothing dull about this job. Everyday a truck or trailer will need maintenance. Whether it be an accident, poor maintenance, or wear and tear. Troubleshooting the problem can be easy and sometimes difficult. No matter what finding the right name of a part at first was hard, but when it becomes repeatedly, you start feeling more like a specialist because you know what your ordering. Keeping a good memory and knowing how to keep cost low is a major key in making a company grow.
Cons: The workload alone can be stressful to a point where you want to just throw up your hands and scream. Especially when you need a part right away and no one has it in stock, they are short delivery runners, we are short runners. Best thing to do just go pick up the part yourself. It will get you away for a bit and by the time your back your in a good mood again.

Parts Manager in Forney: