Payroll Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Payroll Administrator?

Payroll Administrator in Rockville:
"Small town, small thinking."
Pros: Building face to face relationships with clients.
Cons: No opportunity.

Payroll Administrator in Los Angeles:
"Has its pros and cons."
Pros: I'm close to everything I love.
Cons: Horrible Traffic. Away from our main office.

Payroll Administrator in New York:
"Extremely Stressful."
Pros: Meeting different people
Cons: Public Transportation

Payroll Administrator in Roseville:
"Roseville employee."
Pros: Amenities. You can run almost any single errand within an hour lunch.
Cons: Traffic. MUST always compensate for traffic. Even if you live in Roseville (overpriced) it can take 30 minutes to travel just a few miles depending on location.

Payroll Administrator in Daytona Beach:
"City Culture."
Pros: Things to do. Family orientated.
Cons: Getting overpopulated.

Payroll Administrator in Orlando:
"Downtown Orlando."
Pros: Walking distance to many different options for food and after hours entertainment.
Cons: Commute.

Payroll Administrator in Fall River:
"Easy Traffic and Commute."
Pros: Commute is 15 minutes or less. Good people.
Cons: 30 Minute lunch, is not enough time to explore restaurants. Disables Work environment. Low pay.