Personal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistant in Nashville:
"Trying at times and rewarding. Fast paced."
Pros: The learning I have received on the job.
Cons: My boss' mood.

Personal Assistant in Augusta:
"More about the industry because each industry is different."
Be specific about your pay, hours of work, and timeline. Otherwise, you will end up working way over what you have planned on or agreed on.

Personal Assistant in Cleveland:
Pros: Variety of work.
Cons: No regular schedule.

Personal Assistant in Portland:
"Office Conditions."
Pros: I am able to further my education with my current employer. I am given many tasks in all fields without any doubt from my higher ups, if I can complete it or not. My opinion matters. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere, and for the most part I am left alone to do my job, with my headphones in and face buried into my computer.
Cons: Lack of communication between management. I am given multiple tasks by.

Personal Assistant in Bangalore:
Pros: The job I found like training and it helping me in learning more about the company and helping me in improving the communication. And it also helps in pursuing my education and the office timings is very convenient.
Cons: Nothing.

Personal Assistant in Elk Grove Village:
"Its great."
Pros: My coworkers and job duties.
Cons: Distance driving to work.

Personal Assistant in Cape Town:
"Great responsibility, stressful, alert."
Pay attention to detail, stay focused and deliver your best.