Personal Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistant in Deer Park, Washington:
"Awesome community."
Pros: Small town
Cons: Traveling to Spokane on dangerous highway

Personal Assistant in Ontario:
Pros: 4 lane boulevards, quick access to freeway. Everything is close by.
Cons: The sketchy people. The high crime rates. Too much traffic. Low wages.

Personal Assistant in East Lansing:
Pros: University close by.
Cons: No large companies nearby.

Personal Assistant in Dar es Salaam:
Pros: Good Security.
Cons: High standard of Living, Electricity Flactuation.

Personal Assistant in Temecula:
Pros: Nice residents, great weather. .
Cons: My boss my boss my boss my boss my boss.

Personal Assistant in Henderson:
"Amenable Town limited Opportunity."
Pros: Easy to build working relationships with service companies, friendly and no commuting issues.
Cons: Henderson has a but of a "closed community" feel, limited access to services, medical community, shopping and activities. Employment opportunities limited and pay scale is on the low side of median.

Personal Assistant in Port Charlotte:
Be ready for daily changes.