Personal Banker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Banker?

Personal Banker in Porter:
"Friendly atmosphere family oriented."
Pros: Easy commute. Traffic not to congested.
Cons: Not too many restaurants places to eat... Love the friendliness of our town people, cost of living is decent and not too crowded.

Personal Banker in Brea:
"Things change."
Pros: I loved working at chase when I first started. I was involved in volunteer groups to support the LGBT community. I enjoy working with my coworkers and dealing g with customers.
Cons: I feel at times that I'm being discriminated against. I haven't gotten a raise in 4 years. Management gives generic excuse as to why they don't give me a raise. I've brought it up to HR and they tell me that for reasons they can't disclose they have determined that I am not being discriminated against.

Personal Banker in Pleasanton:
"Amongst the Wealthy."
Pros: I feel like I work in a sea of educated individuals for the most part. Pleasanton is a very affluent city and prides itself on its schools and safe community.
Cons: With a certain level of income and wealth comes a certain level of entitlement and self-worth. At times customers feel they are privileged to certain things when in reality they are no different than even our least affluent customers from rural or poverty stricken areas.

Personal Banker in Raleigh:
Pros: The customer base. The people I work with.

Personal Banker in Springfield:
Have patience, don't do it for money, do it because you actually like people and want to help them.

Personal Banker in Cocoa Beach:
Pros: The job is simple. If you build up a solid client base, making your goals is not hard. Keeping a solid relationship is key.
Cons: Untrained untested employees ruining customer relations.

Personal Banker in Fullerton:
Pros: 9-5 job.
Cons: Not enough pay, sales.