Personal Banker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Personal Banker?

Personal Banker:
The corporate culture here is not for me. The pay was competitive but not worth working with managers, executives and peers who have no idea what’s going on and don’t know how or choose not to do their jobs.

Personal Banker:
I have been a personal banker for 7 years at Chase. The position started off great but over the years Chase has added more responsibilities without increasing the pay. They are trying to do more with less staff.

Personal Banker in Portland:
Pros: Helping people
Cons: Customers who dont listen to advice to make theirnlife better

Personal Banker in St. Petersburg:
"Working For The Man."
Pros: Weather is great.
Cons: Pay

Personal Banker:
I love what I do as a banker the company treats me great the only struggle has been trying to move into management I have noticed there is a lot of political stuff that goes into it and I’m more of come to work do what I’m supposed to do type of person. To me it should be all about the customers and doing the right thing. I have learned if you what to move into anything other than being a personal banker I or personal banker II your performance a lone what help you. The people who are being put a head of me have not performed as well as I have over the last 18 months but they hang out with the managers outside of work do they’re being gifted the opportunity instead of myself. As it sit now I’m on the list for president circle and will finish top 5 in the west Michigan market for production year to date. So I hurts but their nothing I can do other keep grinding or switch company’s.

Personal Banker in San Francisco:
"No parking, insufficient locations for affordable meals at least in Noe Valley."
Pros: Great question, get back to you on that one. I get to hob nob with important people, lol
Cons: No parking, snotty people

Personal Banker in Akron:
"Medical deductible is to high."