Pharmacist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacist?

Pharmacist in Chicago:
"The good and bad."
Pros: Diverse social life with wonderful restaurants. Always something to do.
Cons: High cost of living, traffic.

Pharmacist in Orlando:
Pros: Freedom to work and the compensation packages.
Cons: Nothing I just need a change in environment.

Pharmacist in Troy:
Pros: Patients care help my patients with their needs.
Cons: Micromanagement from the corporate.

Pharmacist in Jackson:
Pros: The pay.
Cons: Hours, upper management, employee talent pool / training, sloppy standards.

Pharmacist in Worcester:
"Pretty nice but strict workplace."
Pros: Brands name.
Cons: Stressful shifts and all the rest is history.

Pharmacist in Ann Arbor:
"Primarily production work."
Pros: Good support staff - technicians; patients generally appreciate your work; most providers easy to resolve questions/problems with.
Cons: High pressure environment, emphasis on output rather than proper & complete patient care, work processes require improvement to optimize use of pharmacist time, serious understaffing for workload, insufficient training for specifics of job.

Pharmacist in St. Paul:
Pros: Making medicine for people that are sick.
Cons: That it involves dangerous chemicals.