Pharmacist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacist?

Walmart's business model for the pharmacy is evolving as is all of retail pharmacy. Hours are getting tighter but still more coverage than the other big three. It's sad to say, but the general public treats the pharmacy staff with less respect and a poorer attitude than the customers at the other big three.

Pharmacist in Phoenix:
Pros: Dispnse pills
Cons: Manager

Pharmacist in Flint:
"Earn my living."
Pros: Talk to my patients
Cons: Typical american corporation

Pharmacist in San Antonio:
"Experienced Pharmacist fits just about anywhere."
Pros: No tax
Cons: Weather can be strange the experienced pharmacist

Pharmacist in Weirton:
Pros: It is nice to be close to pittsburgh.
Cons: Not much around in the actual town.

Pharmacist in Lake Worth:
"The unsure future of the profession."
Consider an alternative profession.

Pharmacist in Georgia:
"Are you kidding me?"
Think long and hard about what your are doing--don't just fall back on your classroom knowledge. Try to keep current on new meds/therapies as they come along, especially if you are practicing in a specialty area--you can become woefully behind the times quickly if you aren't careful!