Pharmacy Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician in Sparta:
Pros: Long-lasting customer relationships.
Cons: Demanding schedule with not enough help.

Pharmacy Technician in Lubbock:
"Pharmacy Technician."
Pros: Close to home. Good work relationships. Well-respected company.
Cons: Work is non-compliant with part-time availability. Does not recognize student employees who also have classes to attend. Communication issues between employees.

Pharmacy Technician in Watertown:
"Good job for a college student."
Pros: I like learning about new medications and working in the medical field.
Cons: You sometimes work odd hours. You may also be required to get certified on hire within a certain time frame.

Pharmacy Technician in Concord:
Pros: Flexible time and help me to understand more about the medicine.
Cons: Busy.

Pharmacy Technician in Olympia:
"Stressful job that's rewarding."
Pros: Knowing that you are helping people feel better.
Cons: Some patinets can be some what displeaseing at times.

Pharmacy Technician in San Antonio:
Pros: I love my job and enjoy being able to take care of patients and their needs.
Cons: The pay.

Pharmacy Technician in Pittsburgh:
"Stress level/ Teamwork."
Pros: Teamwork, hours of operation, overall atmosphere, fairness with supervisors/managers.
Cons: Being on my feet literally for 8 straight hours. Repetitive movement resulting in upper back pain, knee pain and aching feet.