Pharmacy Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician in New York:
"It's a great learning experience."
Pros: Helping and assisting the pharmacist being in a group setting. Learning on a constant basic.
Cons: Standing for long periods of time.

Pharmacy Technician in Renton:
Pros: Great.
Cons: Low pay.

Pharmacy Technician in Bowie:
Pros: I'm learning everyday on how things are processed.
Cons: Inpatient customers.

Pharmacy Technician in Olympia:
"Stressful job that's rewarding."
Pros: Knowing that you are helping people feel better.
Cons: Some patinets can be some what displeaseing at times.

Pharmacy Technician in Temple:
"Pharmacy Technician."
Become a Pharmacist. As a Technician the pay is very low for the work you do. Be prepared to stand on you feet all day and to no longer have a nome but to be called pharmacy or the tech.

Pharmacy Technician in Wasilla:
"Elderly care."
Long hours standing on your feet work through brakes care about the people you serve the very careful to not make mistakesvery stressful.

Pharmacy Technician in Harrodsburg:
"The Good, bad , and the ugly."
Pros: I enjoy the work I do as a technician. I enjoy helping patients and taking care of their medications.
Cons: All the red tape. Being a cashier. Making solictor phone calls. Worrying about scores and extra care card scans.