Pharmacy Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician in Chicago:
Pros: The ability to help others.
Cons: Pay and rude customers create a high stress environment.

Pharmacy Technician in Miami:
"It okay."
Pros: Customers.
Cons: Work load.

Pharmacy Technician in Washington:
"A learning experience."
Pros: It was a great learning experience but I feel undercompensated for the work I do.
Cons: Lack of compensation for the amount of work I perform.

Pharmacy Technician in Newhall:
Pros: Ability to help people.
Cons: No breaks.

Pharmacy Technician in Concord:
Pros: Flexible time and help me to understand more about the medicine.
Cons: Busy.

Pharmacy Technician in Rolla:
Pros: Learning about medical care today.
Cons: The demand for quick accurate service under stressful situations involving improperly trained individuals. I also dont like the lack of proper training and inability to train correctly consistantly.. I feel like there are parts of my job I really dont understand like I should.

Pharmacy Technician in Schaumburg:
"In search of more applicable employment."