Pharmacy Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician in Watertown:
"Good job for a college student."
Pros: I like learning about new medications and working in the medical field.
Cons: You sometimes work odd hours. You may also be required to get certified on hire within a certain time frame.

Pharmacy Technician in Nashville:
"Hectic! Sometimes Understaffed!"
Pros: Customers are Friendly and Some Employees are my Friends!
Cons: Sometimes Demanding! Often don't get a Response when Calling for Assistance!

Pharmacy Technician in Vancouver:
"Be patient."
Always be patient and learn as much as you can.

Pharmacy Technician in Cleveland:
"It's rewarding besides the rate of pay."
Pros: The customers, fast pace, the learning experience on a daily basis.
Cons: The rate of pay is the only concern.

Pharmacy Technician in Fort Smith:
Pros: Learning new career, advance to higher position ,
Cons: Feeling stupid, working with grumpy unfriendly co-workers, working the mid shift , stress level is minimum , being the newbie getting the blame for everything . Short handed in the Dept . Scheduling problem .

Pharmacy Technician in Athens:
"Not Bad."
Pros: I like we have options to different stores to work at. Fairly paid. Gives me opportunities to move and learn more.
Cons: Could be some better ways to help our customers better.

Pharmacy Technician in Augusta:
"Life in hell."
Pros: Working with the medicine and coworkers.
Cons: Every thing else, mainly how the company company doesn't care about the little people.