Pharmacy Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy Technician in Ronkonkoma:
"It's cool."
Pros: Good education experience, I would definitely work at a pharmacy if you plan on working in the medical field or pharmacy because you learn a lot about the drugs, insurance, and customer service. CVS provides on the job training as well. It's a good opportunity.
Cons: Very stressful dealing with the pressure of lines, not having enough staff at surrent times of the day. Learning and dealing with medical information not knowing everything makes its difficult to answer questions.

Pharmacy Technician in Atlanta:
Pros: It is a good company.
Cons: Benefits.

Pharmacy Technician in Clinton Township:
"Pharmacy Retail."
Pros: The some of the technician and some of the Pharmacist are easy to work and are friendly.
Cons: The corporate culture and management sucks. The Pharmacist are over worked and the entire staff are always stressed when rotating scheduling does not cover the demands of pharmacy fills. Even the prescription software sucks the issue the internet connection happen way to often and customers are annoyed. Then there's the title of Pharmacy Technician which is kept secretive, I was told that all tech are just tech I and not tech II. Which is a bunch of bologna....we all know who is consider the lead Technician. The Pharmacy manager only communicates with certain employees and if you do your job incorrectly she treats you like crap for a couple of days and has someone else take care of your mistake. As well as if you approach management with any grievances they do not follow through on there promises and just ignore.

Pharmacy Technician in Sparta:
Pros: Long-lasting customer relationships.
Cons: Demanding schedule with not enough help.

Pharmacy Technician in Thomasville:
"High volume and high demand."
Pros: Helping customers to feel better.
Cons: Not enough help in the pharmacy. We need one more pharmacist. + two more technician.

Pharmacy Technician in Delta:
"They bounce me all around to store for different positions."
Pros: Being able to work with different people and helping others.
Cons: I hate working so hard and respecting the business when they don't respect me or the hard work I do and I get paid less then everyone else.

Pharmacy Technician in Lubbock:
"Pharmacy Technician."
Pros: Close to home. Good work relationships. Well-respected company.
Cons: Work is non-compliant with part-time availability. Does not recognize student employees who also have classes to attend. Communication issues between employees.