Phlebotomist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomist in 54601:
Pros: Being part of the patients care plan.
Cons: Long hours.

Phlebotomist in Hollywood:
Pros: Benefits.
Cons: Short staffed.

Phlebotomist in Aurora:
"Not an easy job."
Be confident In your skills.

Phlebotomist in Wallingford:
"The hours, working holidays, not much advancement."
Always work weekends, very stressful.

Phlebotomist in Roswell:
"I enjoy it very much."
Pros: Work by myself great suporvisor.

Phlebotomist in Cleveland:
"Listen, and watch and learn."
My advice practice, palpating and find veins and interacting with the patient and asking the patient their pain level. Do not get frustrated and give up. Also anchor the vein down always. It takes time. Something do not learn overnight. It take time and patience. The first few years I was going to quit because I did not like drawing blood. I kept at drawing blood and learn from your experience. Remember patient is watching every move, from the time you call the patient back and sitting them down in the draw chair, the patient is always watching. Listen to the patient. And work with the patient. Have fun and it amazing how much impact in 5 min with the patient while drawing blood and very rewarding helping out the patient.

Phlebotomist in Nashville:
"Nash Phleb."
Pros: Patient interaction.
Cons: Death, major/traumatic injuries.