Phlebotomist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomist in Columbus:
Don't be afraid. Act like your a pro, and not like its your first day. Talk to the patient and make them feel comfortable.

Phlebotomist in Roanoke:
Pros: Going home after the day is done.
Cons: The local "supervisors" and "leads" are as worthless as a box of air.

Phlebotomist in Warner Robins:
Pros: Working with people.
Cons: Cochran workers.

Phlebotomist in Huntsville:
Pros: The patients I get to interact with.
Cons: Poor management.

Phlebotomist in Phenix City:
Pros: Saving lives.
Cons: Favoritism with employees.

Phlebotomist in Front Royal:
Pros: The patients. Especially the older generation.
Cons: The people and the bosses. The pay is crap. They work you to the bone.

Phlebotomist in Grand Junction:
"Working for the Federal Gov. My pay is about 5$ higher."
Head for the VA hospitals.