Phlebotomist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomist in West Palm Beach:
Pros: Good benefits. Nobody watching over your shoulder.
Cons: Extensive workload. No appreciation for front line. Higher ups are too high to associate with front line.

Phlebotomist in Baltimore:
"Corporate Culture, Understaffed, High Stress, Hours Flexible."
Pros: Night Shift Differential, Departmental/Shift Parties, Tuition Assistance, Corporate Culture, and many departments to choose from. Work Schedules are flexible. The cafeteria is nice to grab food.
Cons: Administration tend to micromanage too much. Staff have difficulty exercising teamwork. Leadership/regular staff is unprofessional and disconnected at times, Daytime parking for employees.

Phlebotomist in Chicago:
"I believe phlebotomy is an underpayed job."

Phlebotomist in Wetumka:
"Patient centered care."

Phlebotomist in Monroeville:
"The pay."
Go to school for a better degree.

Phlebotomist in Riverside:
"Its very good, you get to help people, get well."
Pros: You get to meet different people every day.
Cons: Putting many miles on my car, traveling far away.

Phlebotomist in Newport News:
Pros: Flexible hours. I'm learning new skills which I believe are vital in my growth in my field.
Cons: The pay is low. I'm not doing as much blood drawing as I would prefer. I don't have any benefits. My hours are low.