Physical Therapist (PT) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Physical Therapist (PT)?

Physical Therapist (PT) in Lanett:
"Low key environment."
Pros: The staff I work with; patients; flexibility;
Cons: Inadequate equipment; pressure to treat patients a certain way that is not always indicated.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Somersworth:
"I love working and it is fun/challenging."
Pros: Staff. Hours. Clients. Freedom. CE opportunities.
Cons: Phones/ limited assistance. Location >50 min ride.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Clarkston:
"Perks of work."
Pros: 3 days of work, love the PTA's I work with, able to treat patients the way I think they should be, 6 weeks of vacation.
Cons: Front desk problems, co-workers negativity, changing schedules, not sure the direction of the company.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Boston:
Pros: Treating patients and patient education.
Cons: Completing paperwork and staying late to complete it.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Greenville:
"Know where you are applying."
Avoid Private Sector or publicly traded physical therapy companies.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Friday Harbor:
Pros: Being able to live on the most beautiful island in the world.
Cons: Not being able to work in my desired field of neurology.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Racine:
Pros: Not having to work more than 40 hours. Seeing 1 patient at a time. Good opportunity for growth and many other experienced therapists.
Cons: Paper documentation. Limited technology.