Physical Therapist (PT) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Physical Therapist (PT)?

Physical Therapist (PT) in Louisville:
Pros: People and weather.
Cons: Pay.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Minot:
"Minot ND."
Pros: People are generally nice, commute is great. Small town feel and nice place to raise kids. Low crime.
Cons: So cold. Not much here if you're not from here. Not much to do, pay is crappy.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Alexandria:
Be prepared to be very flexible with your work day schedule. Additionally, you will have to regularly communicate with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide safe and effective care for the patients in your respective hospital.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Alexander City:
"Manage time well."
Keep it simple and focus on what is realistic.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Naperville:
Pros: A lot of people come in.
Cons: There are snobby people.

Physical Therapist (PT) in Prattville:
"You can feel washed up and undervalued if you are a contract."
I love my work. But if you are trying to balance family life, you won't make the big bucks that salaried PT's do. Still, I have no regrets!!!

Physical Therapist (PT) in Jonesboro:
"Ignorant leadership (admin and nursing) at facility."
Change career choice if not too late.