Physical Therapist Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Physical Therapist Assistant?

Physical Therapist Assistant in Torrington:
"Some state insurance patients but overall good, nice, people trying to get better."
Pros: People are good working class people for the most part.
Cons: No much opportunity for advancement.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Virginia Beach:
Pros: Virginia Beach is Home to me.
Cons: Flooded with LPTAs

Physical Therapist Assistant in Mount Airy:
"Small town, friendly folks."
Pros: Small town
Cons: People talk about you behind your back and are nice to your face

Physical Therapist Assistant:
No support from regional manager or above, never more than a 1% raise, mediocre benefits and lowest paying of all companies in the county. I really love the building I work at and feel as if I have a great relationship with the staff. I don't feel as if I'm encouraged to over deliver or provide inappropriate treatments.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Wichita:
"Down home."
Pros: As a home visitor in early intervention, traveling in Wichita is quick and easy.
Cons: Extremes of weather

Physical Therapist Assistant in Rockford:
Cons: Documentation as in every job- takes away from patient care and/or home life to be able to complete it

Physical Therapist Assistant in Port Jefferson:
Pros: commute and who signs my check
Cons: work site