Physical Therapist Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Physical Therapist Assistant?

Physical Therapist Assistant in Kansas City:
"Working in KCK is challenging."
Pros: The diversity
Cons: Uneducated people at my work

Physical Therapist Assistant in Stafford:
"Not many physical therapy jobs in stafford."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: The traffic

Physical Therapist Assistant:
You will learn a lot, but won't ever get any support from your managers, especially in the therapy department. They basically tell you to bill fraudulently just for productivity. Lowest in pay in the valley too.

Physical Therapist Assistant in Kingman:
"Friendly, small town."
Pros: Small town, neighbors, word of mouth promotion

Physical Therapist Assistant in Hayward:
"Short commute makes life a better place to be."
Pros: Close to shopping center and restaurants
Cons: road condition needs some repair

Physical Therapist Assistant in Pittsburgh:
Pros: the people are great
Cons: the weather

Physical Therapist Assistant:
Pros: -great co-workers/therapists that truly put the pt first. -boss that’s caring & available when needed but doesn’t micromanage. -don’t have to piggyback pts. -low stress environment. -somewhat flexible with schedule to preserve PTO hours. Cons: -terrible raises. -company does very little for employees (no bonus or reward for high performance/meeting goals/Christmas/etc) -CEUs rarely approved. -forced to use PTO for everything (holidays, hurricanes, EVERYTHING)