Physician Assistant (PA) Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Physician Assistant (PA)?

Physician Assistant (PA) in Houston:
"Do not fear!"
Believe in yourself and ask questions.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Fort Leonard Wood:
"U.S. Army Physician Assistants are Teachers my Nature."
Pros: My time as an Army Physician Assistant was one of the most fulfilling of my life. First of all, the training I received was excellent. I began to realize this after walking out of the PANRE feeling pretty confident. After a successful year on the DMZ in South Korea were I was responsible for the care of close to 1500 soldiers, my assessment of my training was confirmed. I retired from active duty in 1998 and started working as a civilian for the Army in a Family Practice Clinic. This was great as well. What I liked most about my job in the Army was working with great people, taking care of wonderful patients and actually seeing the postive results of my work.
Cons: The change of Medical Commanders of major hospitals and medical centers every two years is probably the worst policy or the Army Medical Command. These commander are just starting to have a firm grasp on the operations of their command when their two years are up. They come in and make all sorts of changes that the permanent civilian employees have all seen before. These changes are usually have an adverse effect on the operations of our clinic and morale.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Las Vegas:
"Management, office conditions, perks."
Pros: Education opportunities, bonuses.
Cons: Stress.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Dublin:
"Don't settle for mediocre pay."
Learn your skill. Know your environment, clinical and community. Learn the prevailing wage and ask for higher.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Bluffton:
"Love job, want higher salary."
Pros: The patients, the challenges of diagnosing with just a chief complaint, the follow up and coordination of care throughout life. I love the basic procedures and being a "Jack of all trades". Family medicine is so rewarding. Love my coworkers. Very flexible schedule for a day job.
Cons: Reimbursement is not great from insurance. I have been at the same practice for 3 years with no raise and no hope of one either. Hate the management / HR.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Las Vegas:
"Extra billing and management required of me to do."
Be ready to work ten hrs a day with no breaks and at least two hrs a week from home.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Temple:
"Lots to fix."
Pros: We take care of patients, but it takes hard work to get it done.
Cons: There is very little positive feedback.