Physician Assistant (PA) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Physician Assistant (PA)?

Physician Assistant (PA) in Incline Village:
Pros: environment
Cons: cold weather and snow

Physician Assistant (PA) in Rancho Cucamonga:
"Close to home, good people."
Pros: safe city, nice neighborhoods, growing businesses
Cons: nothing

Physician Assistant (PA) in White Salmon:
"Expensive, few professional contacts."
Pros: Low key environment, beautiful location.
Cons: No professional collaboration, sole provider.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Langhorne:
"Born and raised here. Nice town. Close to metropolitan areas."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Stressful job.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Prescott:
"Everyone's hometown!"
Pros: Beautiful setting. Five lakes. Multiple hiking trails. Friendly people. Moderate climate. Within 1.5 hours of major city.
Cons: I think the sales tax in this area is too high.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Cambridge:
Pros: Access to Boston/larger hospitals/institutions.
Cons: No parking.

Physician Assistant (PA) in Gastonia:
"Certification/Re-certification Intense b/ well worth it!"
This is a wonderful and fulfilling career path. Challenging and intense but the rewards are immeasurable. This is the perfect career to lead while also following other great leaders in the medical field.