President Advice

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in Rockford:
"It is Who you know."
You will be on your own at the company yet you will need help and council so you need to have a team of outside, independent, trustworthy associates to provide help, assistance and feedback.

President in Washington:
"More about managing through business downturns."
Be sure your team is committed, honest and loyal, that you are all in agreement on strategic direction.

President in Lexington:
Pros: People I work with and the good the Foundation does.
Cons: Fundraising.

President in Savannah:
"Can be very stressful."
Be a loyal union member.

President in Havre de Grace:
"The Income."
Accept the rules of the road.

President in Austin:
"Good long term career."
This is a good long term career, however, the money in the beginning is not that great.

President in Denver:
"Listen to advice from everyone."
Listen to your people every day.