President Advice

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in St. Cloud:
"Interpersonal skills."
The greatest gap I had after leaving college was adequate interpersonal skills to work with a wide spectrum of people. Many of those people had very little formal training or received their training in the service. I had no knowledge of serviced related culture or training nor training provided for craftsman apprenticeships.

President in Minneapolis:
"Set a vision for the company."
Set a vision for the company and drive people in that direction.

President in South Bend:
Be prepared for the weight of the responsibility. This is not a position for a selfish person. You have to give of your time and exhaust your energy as in this position you are now responsible for every employee, their families and their futures.

President in Hillsboro:
"Start your own business."
Work less, make WAY more - start your own business.

President in Rockville:
"Its cut throat competition."
Treat your employees well and with respect.

President in San Clemente:
"Ensure you have enough capitalization for the business."
- Choose executives very well. - Choose sales associates carefully.

President in Kansas City:
Inform yourself and then act decisively.