Process Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Process Technician?

Process Technician in Sunnyvale:
Pros: It's in the middle of everything else.
Cons: Traffic

Process Technician in Sherman:
"Constantly growing experience."
Pros: The products we have coming down the line
Cons: We're limited to 20 hrs of OT per week..

Process Technician in Texas City:
"Good except for the shift work."
Pros: Descent pay. Fellow coworkers.
Cons: 12 hour shifts.

Process Technician in Manchester:
Pros: Everyone here are good people we're just stuck because this place has the best insurance around.
Cons: Management doesn't care about people on the floor they all think that everyone is replaceable they give everyone else that work in the offices longer lunches more pay and better time off.

Process Technician in San Diego:
"San Diego is awesome."
Pros: Sunny San Diego is my favorite big little city.
Cons: Traffic is worse than it has ever been.

Process Technician in Greenville:
Be prepared for constant change and a high stress level. Be prepared for a high speed environment. High technical proficiency is a must.

Process Technician in Grand Rapids:
"Its boring when its good."
Pros: The challenge of a bad day.
Cons: When Co-workers can't see the signs of a fail.