Product Marketing Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Product Marketing Manager?

Product Marketing Manager in Tampa:
"Worker beware."
Pros: For the most part my colleagues rock! Upper management is questionable
Cons: Culture - this place is the definition of the “Good ol boys” club

Product Marketing Manager in Madison:
"Great working environment."
Pros: The ability to work with innovative, high quality products in a great team environment
Cons: The flat hierarchical structure can make cross-department decisions not be handled in an efficient manner that makes sense to the entire company.

Product Marketing Manager in New York:
Pros: Best city in the world
Cons: Crowded

Product Marketing Manager in Boston:
"Great city with stressful traffic."
Pros: Great Ciry with lots of activity
Cons: driving congested

Product Marketing Manager in Seattle:
"Great city with high rent."
Pros: City culture, walkability, things to do.
Cons: Weather, cost of living.