Production Manager, Manufacturing Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Production Manager, Manufacturing?

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Longmont:
"Stress level."
Be a very good and proficient multi tasker and good with managing people.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Sarasota:
"I like it."
Pros: My boss, my coworkers, the mission of the business, and the product.
Cons: Long hours, work weekends, late nights at work.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Corona:
Pros: Starting out this job I had no experience whatsoever on managing, scheduling, nor training employees. Through the opportunities given to me I have been able to adapt and grow within the company leading them to be a profitable company. I hope to continue to grow by obtaining various degrees and certifications related to the field.
Cons: I don't like the fact that being a small company we do not yet have many structured processes. We are are having to write them as we go but at times it can be overwhelming and a mentor would be useful at times. A plant manager was brought on but he has contributed little to nothing to our daily processes and I am still having to figure stuff out myself.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Milford:
"Competitve work instructions, JIT, stress level, diversity."
Pros: The Team and I thrive on 100% Customer satisfaction. The fact is that I enjoy problem solving and finding the root cause of any situation, also I've worked my way up the corporate ladder so I can relate to the staff on a realistic level. We work together to get things do in a timely manner. Our success is based on Team work and the ability to communicate with the Customer to fulfill their needs.
Cons: The pay is below the standard of our performance. The lack of support by our peers.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Los Angeles:
"Is a good experience."
Pros: I work in a very fast paste environment.
Cons: My pay.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Longview:
Pros: Solving problems, and coaching my team.
Cons: Bored.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Salem:
"You will always be on call."
Prepare to work and be available at all times.