Production Manager, Manufacturing Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Manager, Manufacturing?

Production Manager, Manufacturing:
Long hours pay not commensurate with area nor with the hours. Typical work week expectation 60-70 hour work weeks. Culture is to produce the same quantities even though personnel is limited would not recommend working there at all!!

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Westfield, Massachusetts:
"Small town."
Pros: It is a small town, there are some excellent places to take clients/vendors for meetings.
Cons: Traffic is terrible and most people in Westfield are from Westfield.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Monroe, Georgia:
"Satisfying pace of life outside of the big city."
Pros: The community of friends that I have developed and invested in.
Cons: I don't really do anything else but work.

Production Manager, Manufacturing in Coconut Creek:
"The long hours."
Work well with your employees, Listen to there needs.