Production Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Operator?

Production Operator in Cincinnati:
Pros: The friendliness and helpfulness of co-workers.
Cons: Environmental dangers and inclement weather.

Production Operator in Birmingham:
Pros: A challenging yet satisfying work environment.

Production Operator in Claremont:
Pros: Supervision is largely unneeded.
Cons: Long shifts. Difficult schedule.

Production Operator in Sacramento:
Pros: Everything is accessible so its not hard to find something to do as long as you have money.
Cons: Unless you make a lot you probably wont be able to do a whole lot very often.

Production Operator in Cleveland:
"Newell Rubbermaid inc. Reveiw."
Pros: Its just a job not a career. The vending machines usually stay stocked good. That's about the only up side.
Cons: Hot nearly 130° in summer also sticky, hard to breath without resporator , very very physical. Lint clogs washer and dryer at home. And bathtub. No room for promotions there. It's political and drug addicts advance faster then dependable employees.

Production Operator in Santa Barbara:
Pros: Beautiful city.
Cons: Expensive.

Production Operator in Torrington:
"Short lived."
Pros: Close to home like manufacturing.
Cons: Layoff after only a year of service.