Production Operator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Operator?

Production Operator in Cleveland:
Pros: Close
Cons: Not enough opportunities

Production Operator in Norwalk:
"Pay Raises are not a priority to management."
Pros: Laid back
Cons: Not feeling appreciated and compensated for your yearly efforts

Production Operator in Melbourne:
"Mack Technologies expects Northrop Grumman quality but Pays MC Assembly Wages."
Pros: My coworkers are nice people
Cons: Nepotism is the major path to career advancement at Mack Technologies. It doesn't matter how well you perform your job or the knowledge and skills you possess. What matters if you have a familial or out of work friendship with your supervisor.

Production Operator in Miller:
"Could be better."
Pros: Customer service
Cons: Drive!! And feel I’m under paid

Production Operator in White Bluff:
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Nothing

Production Operator:
B&G management relies on temp services to bring employees in, and they cannot get enough temps into the plant. We are currently working 12 days/2 days off schedules, with no relief in site. The pay scale, if you do finally get hired, is about $2.00/hour too low. If overtime is needed when we are on a regulat schedule, employees do not get informed until Friday.

Production Operator in Hurlock:
"Twilight Zone."
Pros: The people in my department
Cons: Communication and no night shift safety