Production Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisor in Dallas:
"Work life balance."
There is too much work out there to work your life away. Companies will overlook and disregard the amount of time it takes from families and lives for the bottom line. Stand firm in knowing that your family and personal life is more important than the work or product that you produce.

Production Supervisor in Boise:
"Work on any job without any help."
Learn all you can be fair with all people work for you.

Production Supervisor in El Paso:
"Call Center Supervisor."
Pros: Being able to develop employees. Seeing employees improve to earn more money. Working with customers who call in. Learning. The bonuses for my team working well & meeting metrics.
Cons: Conflicting messages from management. Not enough time to perform my clerical duties during normal working hours. Not enough direction from my supervisor. No training for dealing with many different aspects of the job, no manuals, all unknowns are treated on an "as they appear" basis.

Production Supervisor in Stamford:
Pros: Television is my passion.
Cons: The pay scale for my responsibilities.

Production Supervisor in Sycamore:
"Search for pay rate."
Pros: The people I work with on my shift that I supervise.
Cons: The long drive to work. The low pay.

Production Supervisor in Douglas:
"That I Could Make A Very Important Impact On This Company."
When a women works in a position with mostly men co workers in the same position a women is considered not as smart and is paid a lower salary. Do not allow this to happen. Listen to the people you supervise, treat them with respect, do not lose your temper. Show them that they are each important to the company. You will have people that respect and are glad to follow your leadership.

Production Supervisor in Charlottesville:
"Lucky Lucky."
Pros: I get to pick my schedule but I don't get to do alot of other things.
Cons: No where to go from here. Feels stuck because the jobs are so hard to come by.