Production Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisor in Mentone:
"Love working with animals."
Pros: Good education, great company, enjoy the environment.
Cons: Upper management (assistant) doesn't put in the hours I do.

Production Supervisor in Victoria:
"The management."
Pros: Exposure to chemical production and large scale production. The company has a great set of guiding principles that are a great business model to want to work and live by. The pay for the position is good and the benefits after 5 years with the company kick in with a pension and receiving 6% matching garneted with the 401K (base on salary).
Cons: The plant I work for has a lot of outdated systems to operate the equipment we run everyday. They continuously want to shrink our work force but the outdate equipment makes it difficult to meet the standards they want us to produce. They want to keep cutting positions and make those that are left take up the slack. If we had the equipment technology to support us there wouldn't be a problem but when personal are physically required to operate parts of the equipment it makes for a lot of work and more chance to create errors.

Production Supervisor in Grand Rapids:
"Ok job."
Pros: Flexibility room to grow.
Cons: Pay.

Production Supervisor in Spring Lake:
"Great Company to Work For."
Pros: Shape is a company that really cares about its' employees. The benefits are great, and management treats their employees like they are part of the family.
Cons: The pay scale is lower than most comparable companies.

Production Supervisor in La Crosse:
Pros: The people who work so hard for me. Watching all my hard work training people pay off in their ability to do their job efficiently and correctly.
Cons: Having to discipline someone.

Production Supervisor in Atlanta:
"Life as a Production Supervisor."
Pros: I like working with others. I like educating people.
Cons: I don't like being disrespected. I don't like being questioned after hours.

Production Supervisor in Farmington:
"Making quality products efficiently."
Pros: I like working with people to resolve challenges. Different challenges arise daily and they all call for a certain approach. At the end of the day, it is very rewarding to be able to pull it all together and meet our schedules.
Cons: Not being able to come up with a solution in a timely manner.