Production Supervisor Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisor in Oklahoma City:
"It's good with a lot of responsbilities."
Pros: For the most part it is never boring.
Cons: The lack of team effort.

Production Supervisor in Attleboro:
"Could be worse."
Pros: I know the products we make make a huge difference.
Cons: Un-realistic time tables.

Production Supervisor in Ann Arbor:
"We make people happy !"
Pros: Being able to learn , cultures.
Cons: People with bad attitudes.

Production Supervisor in Fostoria:
"Ok but frustrating."
Pros: Long lunches less physically demanding.
Cons: Unfairly compensated. I lose every weekend. I also travel a lot. Stress level is high.

Production Supervisor in Green Bay:
"Underpaid Individual."
Pros: Flexibility, Problem solving, purchasing, helping people, leading people.
Cons: Upset employees, underpaid, no perks.

Production Supervisor in Bloomsburg:
Pros: The challenge of producing quality products and ability to give those products to the customer on time and correctly.
Cons: No structure between the shifts little to no support from upper management on the night shift.

Production Supervisor in Duncan:
Pros: The products we make and the shop floor associates.
Cons: No accountability in our process points.