Production Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisor in Dalton:
"Your people come first."
Already stay involved with those who work for you.

Production Supervisor in Spokane:
"Corporate culture, mild stress level, great people to lead."
Pros: My people, Team success.
Cons: Low pay.

Production Supervisor in Sedalia:
Companies will use you as they see fit to make a profit. Management is one of the top 10 most stressful careers in the world and with all the new laws that protect incompetence its becoming more and more difficult to be successful.

Production Supervisor in Florida:
"Stress level."
Pros: Flexible and secure.
Cons: Pay increases are very low.

Production Supervisor in Visalia:
"Feel underpaid!"
Pros: Responsibilities.
Cons: Employees and lack of leadership.

Production Supervisor in Indianapolis:
"Have a paddle in your hand."
I've found that employees work harder and smarter when their supervisor is working harder than they are. When you have a free moment, pitch in. People notice.

Production Supervisor in Pittsburgh:
"2-2-3 schedule 12 hr. Shifts."
Negotiate higher starting salary.