Production Supervisor Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Production Supervisor?

Production Supervisor in South Bend:
"Manufacturing overated."
Look outside of Manufacturing.

Production Supervisor in Bloomsburg:
Pros: The challenge of producing quality products and ability to give those products to the customer on time and correctly.
Cons: No structure between the shifts little to no support from upper management on the night shift.

Production Supervisor in Cuyahoga Falls:
Work hard. Learn everything you can.

Production Supervisor in Milwaukee:
"The future workload."
Be good to your workers. Attendance must be perfect. Always help your workers.

Production Supervisor in Feasterville:
Build good team spirit. Cross training. Continual improvement. Lean manufacturing. Good planning skills. High percent of on time delivery.good working relationship between sales, operations, engineering, etc. Promote creativity amount workers and teamwork.

Production Supervisor in Duncan:
Pros: The products we make and the shop floor associates.
Cons: No accountability in our process points.

Production Supervisor in Pittston:
"Great corporate culture!"
Pros: Can learn all facets of manufacturing.
Cons: 3rd Shift.