Production Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Worker?

Production Worker:
Decent pay and benefits. Good overtime hours in summer. No room to grow. Very negative environment. Management is great when they're in a good mood. Not much for chain of command. Very leniant on breaks and working pace but this causes much conflict and inconsistency.

Production Worker in Hinesburg:
"That I would work 12 hour days."
you are not your job

Production Worker in Springfield:
Pros: Easy
Cons: Low pay

Production Worker in Elkhart:
"Im a one man show im a hard honest worker."
Pros: The stability.
Cons: The way the production runs.

Production Worker in Novato:
"Nice place to work."
Pros: Weather.
Cons: Expensive to Live.

Production Worker in Troy:
Pros: Being first shift.
Cons: Fellow employees.

Production Worker in Spokane:
"Worst experience of my life!"
Pros: I can't think of anything good about that place.
Cons: Too many safety & health hazards. Way too much noise. They did not clean the equipment. The roof leaked everywhere. Plus the employees were blind besides. Cords were on the floor not properly taped to the floor or to the wall or to a support pole. I have epilepsy and had to take short time outs every now and then, but they got rid of the area that I was allowed to do that in. I was not provided a safe place to go to when they happened. The list goes on and on and on. Management & human resources was a joke.