Production Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Production Worker?

Production Worker in Phillips:
"Wages are too low, no good paying jobs for "me""
Pros: small community know everyone I work with
Cons: Not enough good paying jobs with good benefits

Production Worker:
Its an awesome and easy place if you are male as for female it takes alil proving then approval amongst fellow production workers. Theres alot they got to catch uP wth looks to have room for improvement n all areas overall great place to stay in shape.

Production Worker in High Point:
Pros: My hours -coworkers - the pace- Lots of different tasks
Cons: Management is so unorganized and so limited to funds being spent to keep equipment running properly

Production Worker in Irving:
Pros: Nice city
Cons: Travelling to it,the distance I have to commute

Production Worker:
Was a great place to work. Then the young millennials took over. Swearing was the rule, not showing up for work, telling management what and when there gonna work, not adhering to policies or regulations. Procedures were non existent. Goodwill needs to get back to basics. By telling them in advance that open availability is not optional and is a must. No infractions at all tolerated during probationary period. And absolute compliance to all rules and regulations.