Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization?

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Wichita:
Pros: Working with people and helping them find an insurance plan that best fits their needs and budget.
Cons: We are on a yearly contract that must pass federal approval.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in South Bend:
"It's awesome."
Pros: Superflexible, great coworkers, environment, and culture. Learning new things and working with a demographic I love.
Cons: Contracts within a very inflexible, bureaucratic, monolithic system. Works with sort of depressing cases sometimes.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Pleasant Hill:
"Something New Everyday."
Pros: Earning my students' trust, supporting their academic endeavors, college counseling, celebrating their accomplishments, witnessing their graduation, listening to them, teaching them marketable skills. Administratively: helping them continue their education legally, detailed paperwork, consulting with other professionals, reasearching how to be a better asset to my program, supporting our teachers, trusting my boss. Outdoing myself today more so than yesterday. Supporting other staff even if it means foregoing some of my duties so that they can get some off-time.......There's so much I enjoy doing.....
Cons: Some lack of common/business sense; red tape nonsense; some lack of vision among our veteran Staff; some prejudice based on preconceived stereotypes......I don't want to say too much.....

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Las Vegas:
"Work flexibility."
Pros: Help others and being a positive influence in the community and the youth I serve.
Cons: Not reaching all of the youth I come in contact with.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in South Bend:
Pros: Working with the community.
Cons: The pay.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Kenosha:
"Doing God's Work."
Pros: Helping to guide and support people as they work through the painful aftermath of the worst experience of their lives.
Cons: Not having the time to help more people or give as much attention to the administration of the program.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Vail:
"Great environment, meaningful work, laughable employee pay."
Pros: I love working on a program that I care about that is stimulating. I know the harder I work, the more good I can do to help my community and the environment. I also greatly value the relationships and work environment within my department at this position.
Cons: My organization shows little to no interest in investing in its human capital. The phrase "everyone is replaceable" has actually been said out loud to me.