Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization?

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Hempstead:
"Choose another dield."
There is no money in this work. We work so hard, have gone through so much school, and have lots of student loans and after all that we get paid peanuts.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Milwaukee:
"Proj Coor TCF."
Pros: Freedom, flexibility, benefits, and contribution to the health of the environment and our communities.
Cons: Lack of support from supervisors, lack of room to grow, no opportunities for a pay increase or job title change, and my abilities are not recognized.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Rochester:
"I have great interpersonal skills with a go to personality!"
Pros: The healthcare coverage is a very nice thing to have.
Cons: The people and the time crunch. Everyone is in such a rush to get something now!

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Malden:
Pros: The best part of my job is being able to help individuals with disabilities live more independent lives. I also love being able to mentor you professionals as they pursue their careers.
Cons: Lack of support/resources from the top directors. A very unorganized and often chaotic setting with little to no professional development. The pay scale is very rigid and low compared to other agencies.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in White Plains:
Pros: Working with my current clients.
Cons: Pay is horrible and upper management just does not care.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in Miami:
"Enjoy but with caution."
Pros: Here, you have the distinct opportunity to go home everyday knowing you made a difference. Working with the blind and visually impaired is incredibly rewarding. The company has a vast amount of resources for the blind and the entire staff feels like a well-knit team. Also, the benefits are fantastic.
Cons: First and foremost, do NOT disagree with the CEO, even if you have the right backed by years of experience. She does not take disagreements lightly and expects you to be a "yes man/woman". Next, do not expect to be compensated justly unless you are executive staff or are in good standing with the CEO. Since it is non-profit, the salary is on the low end and raises do not occur until December. Also, the level of education you have has little to no effect on your compensation or raise. Another con is the confusing hierarchy. There is a constant feeling of multiple bosses with, oftentimes, opposing priorities. This is beyond unsettling.

Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization in New York:
"Fun atmosphere equals good work place."
Pros: The People, the pay, the food, the atmosphere.
Cons: The location, and the politics.