Program Director, Non-Profit Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Program Director, Non-Profit?

Program Director, Non-Profit in Springfield:
"High stress, lots of multi-tasking, frequent travel."
Pros: That the work benefits people in impoverished communities. I enjoy seeing that first hand.
Cons: The structure in our office. Lots of disorganization, laziness, and entitlement. A lot of extra work gets dumped on me because I have shown I will fill in holes and am capable, but there's only so much I can do or should have to do when others are under-performing. I end up doing others' jobs on top of my own and when I address this issue, I am met with hostility. I'm at the point where I am only doing this job because of what we do and how we benefit others. The office environment is virtually unlivable and causing health problems as I am stretched.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Becket:
"Mission Based Work."
Pros: The work is interesting and mission driven. I feel like I work for a good cause. I have a lot of autonomy over my department. I work with amazing people. I get to travel internationally for my job and meet interesting people all over the world.
Cons: The amount of office time. The cost of our programs limit many people from participating. I can't imagine how I could have children and do this job.