Program Director, Non-Profit Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Program Director, Non-Profit?

Program Director, Non-Profit in Chicago:
"Historical Atmosphere and Rich Culture."
Pros: I enjoy the four seasons and the rich culture.
Cons: Winter and violence.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Brookston:
Pros: Smaller community with lots of opportunity for involvement.
Cons: Farther from larger urban areas.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Nashville:
"Middle Management."
Pros: Flexibility, can come and go as I please.
Cons: Budget cuts, sometimes incompetent senior management.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Bullhead City:
Pros: It's a small but nice community. The weather is nice and the Colorado river is close by. Las Vegas is not too far away.
Cons: It lacks a lot of resources.

Program Director, Non-Profit in New York:
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."
Pros: NYC offers an array of cultural experiences from music, to theatre - I especially enjoy all of the art museums and galleries. The walkability is unmatched, I love that I can leave my apartment and walk to a world renowned museum and then get dinner at a five star restaurant and pick up a new pair of underwear.
Cons: I miss nature and open space. Everything is dead, concrete, steel and crowded.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Dallas:
"Blessing. Impacting people for the better. Very rewarding."
Pros: Building Relationships.
Cons: Indifference.

Program Director, Non-Profit in Minneapolis:
"Ask tons of question."
Ensure your program is supported by the agency. Ask as many questions as you can regarding the programs connection with the agency. Ask about training procedures o ensure you get a proper introduction to the agency.