Program Project Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Program Project Manager?

Program Project Manager in Saginaw:
"Education still dont beat time even though your more capible."
Pros: I believe in the company I work for. I see a great future if the company is directed in the right direction.
Cons: Underpaid and being wrongly directed by people who are uneducated in business.

Program Project Manager in Hanscom AFB:
Pros: I learn a lot and get leadership experience.
Cons: The rigid processss.

Program Project Manager in Raleigh:
"I manage an optimization program for global ecommerce sites."
Pros: I like that I get to interact with a global team, and I also get to apply my technical background with some level of creativity.
Cons: The corporate culture- Too often I see very toxic behaviors that are almost encouraged from upper management. I can see it affect productivity and quality of work.

Program Project Manager in New York:
"Multiple task management."
Pros: Implementation, negotiation, program review.
Cons: Contract review, analytic review,

Program Project Manager in Livermore:
"Relationship with all fields, learn from others, listen."
Listen to the experienced and include all fields to get buy in so you work as a team. Be open to learn in all fields and be helpful and considerate.

Program Project Manager in Washington:
"Keep Learning."
Technology changes at fast pace. Gain new certifications and look for ways to get hands on experience in programming, applications, networking, telecommunications, areas of the business so that you can stay relevant in the workplace.

Program Project Manager in Bentonville:
Have a personal enter action.