Program Project Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Program Project Manager?

Program Project Manager in Saint Charles:
"Tired of entering in these questions."
Stop asking so many questions.

Program Project Manager in Austin:
"High impact role, boring work environment, work life balance."
Pros: High impact, transformative work impacting the entire company, cross functional team interactions, broad visibility across the organization.
Cons: Boring and dull office environment, limited team interaction - primarily individual contributor, very slow career growth for business school hires.

Program Project Manager in San Francisco:
"It's all about the customer."
Pros: People, cross functional, planning, strategy.
Cons: Low pay, low stock and 401k options.

Program Project Manager in Muskegon:
"Program Manager Review."
Pros: The Diversity of tasks, leadership, never the same thing twice.
Cons: Babysitting.

Program Project Manager in Somerset:
"Start with the pay."
Do your research on pay.

Program Project Manager in Portland:
Pros: The work, the people.
Cons: Lack of leadership.

Program Project Manager in Seattle:
Pros: The culture is great and I have several opportunities to work with different teams.
Cons: Promotions are difficult and yearly pay increases are not very significant.