Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General)?

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Indianapolis:
"Wear a lot of hats."
Pros: Enjoy broad job description, relationships with clients.
Cons: Stability of company.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Richmond:
"Corporate America - No Need to Think."
Pros: Interaction with other employees and problem solving.
Cons: Not able to make decisions, even minor ones, without approval from supervisors. Unable to finish project in timely manner (i.e., it often takes years to complete one document) because of cumbersome review process. Suggestions and even complaints about this process are ignored by immediate supervisors. Hoops and red tape to jump through are abundant. Job tasks are repetitive and mind numbing. No need to think about what you're doing most of the time because other supervisors make the decision for you.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Ada:
"Project driven, work flexibility, office conditions."
Pros: I absolutely love that my job is geared towards employee morale. I get to implement initiatives which help our inner core not only enjoy work but give perks to promote healthy lifestyles. I have many hats within the company but most of all I get to work with everyone and for that I thoroughly enjoy what I do.
Cons: Not enough time in the day, we recently cut overtime, not enough in budget, extremely hard to receive approvals for projects, when I do get them they are last minute.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Norfolk:
Pros: I like being able to have absolutely nothing and make something. Being able to hire subcontractors and create timelines and budgets for one common goal is rewarding to me. I like being able to execute my plans and stay organized while doing it.
Cons: Very stressful. Sometimes there are too many projects going on at once and there is no one to assist with the workload. On top of my own job, I find myself assisting others with their job because they are unable to do it on their own and need assistance.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Detroit:
"Quality Analyst."
Pros: Worked in a team utilizing UAW, Management, engineering and suppliers.
Cons: No opportunity to work from home.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Falls Church:
"Commerical furniture procurement."
Pros: I like working with people, solving problems, each project is a bit different.
Cons: No OT pay, benefits ok - not ok.

Project Coordinator, (Unknown Type / General) in Charlotte:
Pros: The variety of what I'm learning.
Cons: Lack of stability and security combined with constant pulling and tugging by other employees. Inability to complete a task uninterrupted.