Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in Los Angeles:
Pros: Relaxed atmosphere. Flexibility.
Cons: Long hours, high stress, low pay.

Project Engineer in Peabody:
"Regulatory compliance: a fast paced environment."
Being a project engineer in regulatory compliance is great for engineers who like working in a fast-paced, ever evolving environment. One must be able to handle multiple projects at once, different types of products/standards, as well as the ability to learn new requirements as they are introduced. One must master time management, but this also lends to a feeling of self managing and independence. Colleagues are there for support when judgement and interpretations could use a discussion. Due to the nature of regulatory compliance, where it occurs at the tail end of the R&D cycle, clients can sometimes be impatient with the process. It is important to learn to manage the clients expectations, and convey to them that the process is a collaboration between yourself and them.

Project Engineer in Lancaster:
"Project Engineering work is very exciting and interactive."
Pros: Working with people to get a job completed on-time and within budget.
Cons: Project scope changes without allowance to budget and time changes.

Project Engineer in East Chicago:
"Office Environment."
Pros: People here are nice to work with and helpful.
Cons: The salary is below the average.

Project Engineer in Burlington:
"Follow Through On Mechanical Engineering/Architecture"
Take business classes and learn to be an entrepreneur - if you want to follow your own design and ways of thinking. Otherwise, just keep plugging away and stay focused on simplicity.

Project Engineer in Denver:
"Get A Job In The Field."
While in college, get a job in the field of construction. Not only does construction labor pay better than most college jobs, it will teach you the skills you need to succeed in school as well as in a construction career. Be engaged, be willing to learn, and try to absorb everything from the hard working people around you.

Project Engineer in Riverside:
Pros: Challenging, improve communication and people skills, management, logistics, attention to detail, ability to have responsibility in building large, heavy scale projects, teamwork involvement.
Cons: Stressful, long work hours, some weekend/night work, demanding schedule and cost, must have tough personality to manage.