Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in Lehi:
"Great experience."
Pros: Culture, flexibility.
Cons: Stress, perks.

Project Engineer in Moncks Corner:
"Minimal supervision, self-driven projects."
Pros: Minimal supervision. Self-driven projects. Automation engineering projects. Technical problem solving.

Project Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Basically Design/Build Project Management."
Pros: Engineering opportunity. Flexible schedule. Jobsite visits. Hands-on coordination. Managing projects and making money.
Cons: Lack of structure and guidance from management. Lack of career growth opportunity. No engineering mentor within the company. No formal job training. No peer mentors with similar experience. No clear understanding of job description.

Project Engineer in Miami:
"Project Engineer / Demolition."
Pros: Was a great learning experience about logistics and structural behavior, having staff under my command line help me increase my relationship with staff, inspection skills and management.
Cons: Low resources for housing.

Project Engineer in Charlotte:
"Creative and Challenging."
Pros: Mapping out project schedules, interacting with enginering deparment, interacting with the CNC shop, interacting with production, improving processes, supporting estimating functions. Contribute with upper management descisions.
Cons: Resource constraints, time constraints, unclear definition project scopes.

Project Engineer in Salt Lake City:
"Ready, Set, Coordinate."
Pros: Working with new clients and subcontractors. Facing new challenges daily and working through problems that arise with each project. Competing with other contractors for new work. Tracking and managing budgets to ensure profitability. Traveling to explore new work opportunities.
Cons: Tedious review of project materials/manuals. Dispute resolution between subcontractors over unnecessary problems.

Project Engineer in Oregon:
Pros: Autonomy and a wide variety of experiences.
Cons: Current level of pay, communication difficulties with several key management personal leading to occasional dissatisfaction.