Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in Santa Rosa:
Pros: People I work With.
Cons: Industry I'm in.

Project Engineer in San Diego:
"Great learning experience."
Pros: Family culture.
Cons: Low pay.

Project Engineer in Louisville:
Client interaction is not something complicated or difficult. It is simply people talking with people who share common work related interest and many times turns into a relationship beyond work. Same idea with Public speaking. People talking to people.

Project Engineer in Greenville:
"Common sense."
Listen to those that have the experience.

Project Engineer in St. Louis:
"Work is not like school."
Do not expect work to be based on merit. It is often more based on people's perception of you. Manage your reputation from day one. Don't expect people to be kind or understanding. Be on alert for bias, especially if you're from an under-represented group. ABOVE ALL, NEGOTIATE YOUR STARTING SALARY. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOU THINK. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

Project Engineer in San Rafael:
"GCC Work."
Pros: Building new transportation avenues every day. Seeing a constant change and challenge while being rewarded with continious progress.
Cons: My Current boss.

Project Engineer in Richland:
"Tough Job."
Pros: Like the people I work with.
Cons: Cheap, does what is best for company every time.