Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in Lancaster:
"Project Engineering work is very exciting and interactive."
Pros: Working with people to get a job completed on-time and within budget.
Cons: Project scope changes without allowance to budget and time changes.

Project Engineer in Riverside:
Pros: Challenging, improve communication and people skills, management, logistics, attention to detail, ability to have responsibility in building large, heavy scale projects, teamwork involvement.
Cons: Stressful, long work hours, some weekend/night work, demanding schedule and cost, must have tough personality to manage.

Project Engineer in Burbank:
Pros: Frequent customer interaction and intimate hand in design and parts fabrication.
Cons: The product is always the same. There is little variety.

Project Engineer in New York:
"Great If You're Up To The Task."
Pros: It's great if your up to the task, varied responsibilities, CAD drafting of electrical controls, programming, supervising technicians installing projects. Etc. Interesting varied projects.
Cons: Extremely stressful, very tight deadlines, potential injury at construction site.

Project Engineer in Los Angeles:
"The Management."
Pros: It offers unique challenges that allow to me to constantly use my critical thinking to come up with solutions. Being the focal point of ensuring project delivery keeps me motivated to do well in the eyes of my peers, supervisors and clients. Constantly improving our management systems increases the efficiency of how well I can perform my job scope. The flexibility that comes with managing my own schedule with the ultimate purpose of ensuring successful project delivery.
Cons: Running shop tech errands that completely throw off my day by having to pick up equipment, drop-off equipment, etc. Performing too much office paperwork that takes away from my time to utilize in actually managing projects (scanning/writing reports/etc). I dread reviewing contracts as they are absolutely boring.

Project Engineer in Utica:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I love my job and my first project is a 18 month $1.5 Billion, nanotechnology clean room facility in my home town, a dream come true.
Cons: I have a dog and girlfriend who hate when I travel, and my employer set my work hours for me. Its a high stress job.