Project Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Project Engineer?

Project Engineer in Fort Irwin:
"Unconventional Project Engineer."
Pros: Being an active Army officer while working in the Army Corps of Engineers is a pretty awesome gig for me. I get to take a step away from the tactical life and experience civilian contract management, negotiation, and enforcement. I like almost all of my co-workers. The ones that I'm not actively in favor of are, at worst, average. The interpersonal environment here is great. I didn't get that in the active military. There were just too many "Type As" over there for everyone to get along well. Work is manageable, but developmental. I learn useful skills almost daily in this job. My supervisor is a great manager. He gives me a lot of flexibility and freedom, but he's always available to help me when I don't know where to turn and my co-workers are also at a loss.
Cons: I think that my transition into this job could use some work. I was clueless when I got here and there really wasn't a training program, but that wasn't much of an issue. I just took some time on my own to review and plan how I was going to make sure my contracts and contractors were operating smoothly. Not many complains at all in this job. I guess the government spends way too much money on a lot of contracts, but that doesn't really reflect poorly on anything in this office.

Project Engineer in Chicago:
"Engineering? Seemed like a good idea at the time."
Go back to school for finance while you still have time.

Project Engineer in Glendale:
"Very Busy and office worker."
Pros: Flexible hours.
Cons: The Pay.

Project Engineer in Milwaukee:
"Learn as much as you can."
Learn the product line you are working on and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Project Engineer in Houston:
"Well managed company."
Pros: I like the work flexibility and that I can telecommute. I also think I work with some good intelligent individuals.
Cons: I am not happy with my compensation. I do feel sometimes that I am under utilized.

Project Engineer in Concord:
Pros: Nice co-workers, easy hours, good jobs.
Cons: Penny pinchers, no help in field.

Project Engineer in Buffalo:
"Fun job, lots of responsibility."
Pros: I have freedom to pursue projects, and have a lot of say in new designs or design changes. This responsibility helps drive me to be better at my job, and gives me pride when things go well. There is also a degree of flexibility in scheduling, so long as I am professional and get the job done when it is due.
Cons: Some projects get repetitive. Other employees are not always open to change, or look to me to make their jobs easier. While that is part of my job, there are other projects that sometimes take precedence. Stress can be an issue when projects are running late or unforeseen problems pop up.