Project Manager, Engineering Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Project Manager, Engineering?

Project Manager, Engineering in Pittsburgh:
"Nuclear Pressure Cooker."
If you are interested in a stressful environment in the highly regulated nuclear industry , then Nuclear Project management could be your ticket to a long term career. It takes a certain breed to accept no recognition from either the client or the company for a job well done. The only gratification is the compensation is much better than average and there is no one behind you trying to take your job.

Project Manager, Engineering in Indianapolis:
"Project Management Engineering."
To be successful at project management, it's imperative to master time management, money management, and emotional management. Things can go wrong and they may, but it's your job to attempt to prevent it ahead of time, prepare for it, predict what will happen and when, and then manage the solution. In my every day job, it's also helpful to learn and master people skills. I believe that project managers with people skills are a lot more successful in the career.

Project Manager, Engineering in Milwaukee:
Work on interpersonal skills and the soft skill set.

Project Manager, Engineering in San Diego:
"Cross Continent Management."
Pros: Interesting Projects, Good Customers, Own Office.
Cons: Poor Software, Report Driven Management.

Project Manager, Engineering in Cleveland:
"Breaking Technology."
Pros: The people and the emerging technology.
Cons: Limited/Expensive benefits, minimal bonus & raise without position shift.

Project Manager, Engineering in New Providence:
"Where is my raise?"
Pros: Good people to work with, management team very supportive.
Cons: A lot of bureaucracy, a lot of time spent on meeting to review status instead of closing issues, too many science projects.

Project Manager, Engineering in Washington:
"Always seek wisdom."
Get several mentors on your team. One mentor for your engineering career, a mentor for your management role, know yourself and know your team's strength.